5 Tips for Beautiful Blogs

Content is King, it is true. Your blog must be an easy and informative read or viewers will click off in the blink of an eye.

But Content isn’t Everything.

The visual side of your blog is important, too. Here are 5 Tips for Beautiful Blogs:

  1. Choose and stick with a single font face, or at most, two complimentary fonts.  Use a sans serif font (like Arial) for headlines and sub-heads, and a serif font (like Times) for body text. Too many fonts and colors are visually disturbing.
  2. Use images to enhance your content, and set them to work proportionally with  and enhance your content. Clutter is nasty, balance is beautiful.
  3. Use simple, bold headlines to make your point. Edit down to five words or less.
  4. Keep your content short and informative. Anything beyond 300 words becomes a chore to read on the fly. If you have more to say, break it into multiple posts.
  5. Make your subject line enticing. If it’s not, the chances of people clicking through go way, way down.