Kind words from a few of our clients, in their own words:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Linda since 2013, during which time she has professionally edited my three books: Volunteering in Brazil, Volunteering in Tanzania and my memoir currently under development.  Linda’s very fast turn around of my edited chapters greatly facilitated my progress in writing. I am indebted to her guidance, advice and professionalism, without which I could not have written these books. Over the years we have learned much of each other’s lives, Which has added an enjoyable personal touch of friendship. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda’s professional services to make writing an enjoyable experience, whether for business or pleasure.”  September 1, 2021
(Don Morgan, www.bibliographicpublishing.com)

“Linda’s high creativity, attention to detail combined with her ability to see a very big picture, gives her a unique view into business. She works with big ideas and makes them accessible and understandable to her audience. And her depth of experience, both in business and life, gives her a big advantage when analyzing any aspect of communication. What’s distinctive about Linda (besides being a fabulous writer) is that she demands that WE comply with the agreement we made and get feedback to her on time. No one has ever been able to do that before. She’s become a true partner. As a writer, she communicates on a level that’s even bigger than what we say. Linda has a very rare talent.”
(Diane Putvin, DL Consulting)

“Linda is an amazing writer that listens to her clients and then takes their ideas and concepts to the next level. Recently she helped us “fix” a press release. We had all the technical jargon in place but didn’t have the depth or oomph we were looking for. Linda spent about 30 minutes interviewing me and then quicker than I could’ve imagined she turned around a wonderful press release. It was spot on target and said exactly what we were trying to say. She totally hit the mark and was very helpful to our organization.”

(Julie Cadman, President/CEO, Healing Complex Kids)


“Each of us has a story to tell that inspires and moves others to action. Our businesses are no different. Linda has an amazing gift in helping extract and communicate that story. Whether you’re selling widgets or an intimate and complex service, she will help you find the story that touches, moves, and inspires.” (Preston True, TruePoint Advisors)



“You will have great fortune to meet anyone else like Linda in your lifetime. It might be hard to do so, simply because she is one-of-a-kind. She has found the balance between professional and artist, which gives her the edge among the creative talent in our area. Along with being an eager, open-minded learner, Linda is a wonderful educator. Spending time with Linda always proves to me that I have more to learn, and the variety of relevance of the information she has to share is stunning. When I need a problem solved, a question answered, or just a creative new idea because I’m simply “fresh out”, I go to Linda. I trust her to help me get the best results from what I am doing. Working with her truly improves the quality of my work.” (Erin Vezzetti, Lucid Business Strategies)

“I have attended Linda’s “Fund Raising Letters: Appealing or Appalling” seminar, and she is as engaging, entertaining, and educational as she is experienced. Linda’s combination of real-world examples with hands-on exercises make her a top-notch trainer and public speaker. Linda has a heart for non-profits and applies her enthusiasm to their projects as much as she ever has for any small or large businesses. If you need expert assistance with your fund raising communication, marketing, or branding, you would do well to have Linda on your team. “(Dana Cadman, Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Epsilon)


“We called Linda at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday evening, hoping for help with a subject line for our Constant Contact newsletter. She was in her car, but in less than a minute she understood our intention and gave us a 5-word headline that sparkled. We were especially grateful when that headline provided us with the highest ‘open’ rates we’d ever seen. If you’re looking for words that matter for your business, Linda is the one to call.” (Denise Roberts, SalesPartners Troy)



“I worked with Linda on an Annual Report for one of her nonprofit clients. The organization’s primary focus is helping homeless people find affordable housing. Linda created a report that focused on the people this organization helps, and did not distract her audience with complex graphical effects. From a creative standpoint I have to say that this was one of the cleanest layouts I have seen in a while. Many people do not understand how “White Space” improves the design of a brochure or annual report. Linda fully understands the creative process and gets her clients message across clearly and succinctly. From a manufacturing standpoint, asking all the right questions up front ensured that we got the files we needed to efficiently produce the job. It is a delight working with a professional like Linda! “(Mike Parmerlee, Tepel Brothers Printing)


“The image of my business is clearer and more professional because of the brochure, folder, cards, and stationary The Write Concept designed, and the advertisements, flyers and other materials Linda has written. We will continue to use her expertise for many years to come.” (Jill Gleba, Gleba & Associates)


“Linda just finished an annual report for HAVEN. The design was fresh and the finished product was impressive. Linda was a pleasure to work with through the entire process. The job was finished on time and exceeded our expectations.” (Tracy Thomas, HAVEN)



“I found working with Linda a delight. She gave me several logo options and was very patient and accommodating as we worked through various versions, ending with a logo with which I am very pleased. I highly recommend Linda for creating a logo or for any design/content projects you may have. ” (Alfred Avery, Esq. Avery Law PLC)



“Linda is great at turning a phrase, getting things done and providing a healthy dose of “WOW” with every creative project. Linda is a total pro you can count on. ” (Charlie Wolborg, Chief Troublemaker at Curve)





“Linda took the raw (and I mean raw!) writing I gave her, had a discussion with me, listened intently, and in a short period of time, produced a great bio. I recommend her highly!” (Brad Zimmerman, CEO, Phoenix Performance Partners)




“Linda did an outstanding job of revising my LinkedIn profile,  taking the information I provided and developing  the form and substance I was looking for. I would not hesitate to contact Linda again for additional help.” (John Holmquist, Holmquist Law Firm)


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for ten years and have seen her in action. She demonstrates both knowledge and expertise when it comes to communicating a message. There is passion and a knowing she brings to the process of writing and developing programs that only comes from deep understanding and experience. I highly recommend Linda to any company that wished to effective and creatively communicate with their customers.” (Brian Bach, Director, Michigan CFO Associates)


“Linda is a true professional in everything she does. From writing, editing, public speaking and personal character. She’s actively involved in our Toastmasters club and always contributes much to all of our meetings. She’s a gifted writer who knows the power of words and creating memorable stories.”  (George Piliouras, President, George Piliouras & Associates)



“I struggled to create a marketing letter that gets to the heart of my business and the issues my prospects face. Linda met with me for one hour, developed a letter that truly “hit the nail on the head,” and then coached me in best practices for mailing and follow up. Working with her has been a real delight!” (Elizabeth Ziph, CEO, LinuxBox)



“Linda’s ability to create impact with words that matter is second to none. In addition to her writing prowess, she is an outstanding leader and community builder with whom I am blessed to associate.” (Terry Bean, BE Connected)




“I worked with Linda previously so when it was time to replace my tired web site (that I put together myself) with a professional, content rich, properly flowing web site, I called Linda. The results were more than I could hope for. It’s just been made live, and already I have received many positive remarks about how much easier it is to navigate and the improved content, along with the clean look and feel of the site. “(Carl D. Clark, President, CDC Energy Consultants)




“Linda is a joy to work with. When we opened our firm, she put together a lot of our presentation material together. We still use what she did all these years later and get lots of compliments on her products. “(Lynn Drake, Compass Commercial)



“Linda is one of the most exceptional communicators I have witnessed when speaking to a group of very diversified people. She hits the nail on the head every time and reaches the audience powerfully through her stories, examples and inspiring person experiences. She can bring you from laughter to tears in moments. Communicating IS her genius! She’s a ten out of ten!” (Kimbery Kassner, Owner, EmpowerMind)



“Linda was a phenomenal speaker! She conducted a two hour writer’s workshop for our safety managers from across North America. She found ways to engage each person, relate to our line of work, and give us information we could use in our jobs. She is professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with. We would definitely have her back again if and when we need a refresher! “(Rebecca Drzewiecki, Safety Engineering, Kelly Services)



“Linda tackles incredibly difficult topics, such as the positive side to adversity and the necessity of perseverance, with such grace and personal experience it’s impossible to not be moved when you hear her talk. At best a life changing experience (as it was for me), at worst, an appreciation for the difficult things in life – everyone should take time to hear Linda speak.(Matt Dibble, Founder, Final 5)



“I attended a public speaking workshop in which Linda was the facilitator. She immediately put those in attendance at ease. Linda encouraged and coached us through the class, and had us speaking in front of our peers within an hour! At the time I took the workshop, I had no idea that in just a few short months, I would need to use those skills, as I hosted a live webinar workshop as well as being a facilitator at a conference. I am truly appreciative of Linda sharing her expertise and knowledge.”
(Lynne Cobb, Communications Facilitator at English District LCMS)