A ghostwriter takes your thoughts, ideas, concepts, or rough drafts and works them into a great speech, article, or agent-ready manuscript.

In some instances, a ghostwriter might be brought in to add new chapters to a new version of an existing book, or to research and rework previously published articles with new information.

When the speech is given, when the book or article is published, you are the author. The writer is either never mentioned, or perhaps named as an editor, consultant, or “friend” somewhere in the acknowledgements.

The ability to write in the voice and personality of another person—a real person, not a character—is the strongest skill a ghostwriter can possess, and one that comes only from years of experience.

Every Ghostwriting Project is Different

We consider many factors – such as the proposed length of the manuscript, the amount of research we have to do as opposed to having adequate information supplied to us, the availability of the author, and of course, the author’s budget.

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