Marketing Communications with Substance

Marketing Communications with Substance has been the overriding focus of The Write Concept, Inc. since our founding in March, 2000.

We've been creating effective marketing materials, on and offline, for three decades—all the while staying on top of technological changes in Social Media, Webinars, and Blogging.

Cruise through our Four Main Offerings, Learn About our Founder, Scroll through our Blog (active since 2007), or do whatever you need to do to decide if The Write Concept, Inc. should be a preferred partner for your business.

Move Minds, Generate Sales, and Drive Results—with Words That Matter!

Look Who's Talking!

Look Who's Talking:

“I have had the great fortune to know Linda for the past 10 years.  She has always been a  delightful and energetic part of my professional community.  Over the years, I have gained an increased respect for her as a masterful communicator through both her written and spoken words.  About three years ago, I engaged her professional services directly to help with my blogging, social media, and website efforts with considerable success.  You could say, she is part muse, part brainstorming partner, and an overall creative spirit that expands and enhances my coaching voice out to the world.  I highly recommend you meet with her to explore how she may take your professional efforts to new levels of success.  You will be glad you did!" 

(Barry Demp, Demp Coaching & The Quotable Coach)

Copy Writing

 Copy writing is the art of creating great content. which comes from understanding the psychology of motivation and inspiration, of knowing how to use language to persuade.  Great content helps your clients, customers, and prospects understand how you can help them achieve their goals, better their lives, solve their problems.

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It starts with the seed of an idea, grows to a concept, then evolves into a brand that comes alive with color, shapes, and layouts.

  • Logo Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyers /Direct Mail/ Online Forms
  • Book Covers & Page Layout

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Have a great idea for a book but no clue how to take it from raw idea to finished manuscript? Our coaching program helps you with all or some of the following:

  • Concept Development
  • Manuscript Structure
  • Character Development (fiction)
  • Content Integrity
  • Author Accountability

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Public Programs

Our President, Linda Anger—a published author and accomplished Toastmaster—facilitates two-hour and half-day public programs on topics such as:

  • Writing with Clarity
  • Editing Skills for Business People
  • Speaking Skills for Everyone
  • The Joy of Adversity
  • Custom Programs for Organizations or Service Clubs

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